Bike route through Gorski kotar is carefully planed route.

Small groups (max. 14 participants), individal aproach to each person, accomodation at one place during your stay in Gorski kotar and support by car or van ( to help those to whom is riding too difficult): these are the things that make your holidays unforgetable.

Zeleni Vir, Petehovac, cowboy village Roswell, cave Vrelo,the lake Bajer and the Lokve lake, Nacional Park Risnjak, rafting down the Kupa river, the highest town in Croatia and the highest inhebited village in Croatia: these are the places that we are going to visit during your stay in Gorski kotar.

You'll enjoy in the silence of the pine woods, fresh air, domestic dishes and gorgeous nature.



After your arrival, after taking the accomodation and resting a little bit, during the afternoon we shall go to about 24 km long bike ride. There you'll visit a part of Gorski kotar and a part of National Park Risnjak as well.

One should not miss "Leska" educational trail.

After return to Delnice, we'll go to local caffe where you can try natural home made liquors, or blueberry strudel.

You'll also get information about next days tours.

Route to Wild West village

First day we'll take you to the typical cowboy village Roswell where (during the years 2015 and 2016), a new movie about the legendary Indian prince Winnetou was taken.

For film necessities a typical Wild West village was built.

You can see blacksmithˈs, bank, brewery, saloon, shop, water tower, sheriffˈs office, real estate agency, post office and telegraph.

In front of the village a chapel with cemetery is placed.

If you want, you may lay down into the wooden coffin.

Most of the visitors want to try it. If you want to try it do it! Itˈs up to you to try!

After visiting The Cowboy Village we are going for lunch to the local restaurant in Fužine.

After that we will visit the lake called Bajer and then The Cave Vrelo.

The Cave Vrelo is 300m long, and there are many stalagmites and stalactites in it.

It is estimate that the Cave is 3,5-4 million years old.

We'll continue our trip down the road near the lake Bajer and after that we reach the old Austro-Hungarian road called Lujzijana road. There is a beautiful view to the lake Lokve and Risnjak mountain. After that we return to Delnice.

  • Distance: 36km, Elevation Gain: 440m
  • Highlights: Cowboy village Roswell, lake Bajer, Cave Vrelo, lake Lokve, mountain Risnjak.
  • Meals: breakfast, snack bar, water, fruit, lunch.

The Devilˈs Passage (Vražji prolaz) and Green Spring (Zeleni Vir)

The Devilˈs Passage is one of the most beautiful croatian canyons full of wild unattached romantic beauty.

What gives special attraction to it are wooden narrow bridges and stairs made of steel among 100 m high rocks. Through the narrow gorge murmurs the mountains stream Jasle.

Wooden bridges, stairs, the sound of the stream and wild landscape are excellent reason for visiting this place.

We will start in Delnice and continue to mountain saddle Veliki Vodenjak  where you can watch deep and beautiful canyon of the river Kupa Valley or, if youˈre lucky ( during the clear weather), see the Slovenian Alps.

We will continue to Skrad and from there, down a 4km long road, approach Zeleni Vir (Green Spring).

At that moment, starting point of our tour is a mountain hut which is on the bottom of the small plato on the heights of only 230 m above the sea level.

The Green Spring (Zeleni Vir) (345m) is waterfall that can be reached after 10 minutes walk from mountain hut.

It is located at the bottom of a shallow cave at the foot of a 70 m high cliff.

Devilˈs Passage, The Green Spring and Manˈs cottage were proclaimed geomorphological reserve.

The reserve is protected landscape at 300-650 m above the sea level.

At the end of Devilˈs corridor (Vražji prolaz) is cave Muževa hišica ( Manˈs cottage) which is 200 m long and you need to have a battery if you want to visit it, because there is no light in it.

After lunch we will continue to Brod na Kupi on 4 kilometers long gravel road where our trip will end.

The river Kupa is a border between two states: Croatia and Slovenia.

If you want, you can swim in the river Kupa as well (in July and August, of course).

  • Duration: 30km, Elevation Gain: 260 m
  • Highlights: Veliki Vodenjak, Devil's Pasaage and Green Spring, Butterfly Valley
  • Meals: breakfast, water, snack bar, fruit, lunch.


We'll take you to the source of the Kupa river on the altitude of 320 m above the sea level within the borders of the National Park Risnjak.

The source of the River Kupa is in the form of a karst lake.

It is protected monument of nature and definitively worth a visit.

The temperature of green-blue colored lake is 8ºC.

After 30 minutes of easy walk weˈll reach the source.

After visiting the source, we are going back to road and descent to the River Kupa Valley

The Kupa valley hides some of the most valuable hydrographic and aesthetic treasures of this region.

In it's upper course the river flows through the canyon in which a string of picturesque villages are nestled.

The upper course of the Kupa (some 30km) is known as the magnificent valley of butterflies (nearly 500 various butterfly species have been identified).

We are coming to the Slovenian border, continuing to Osilnica ( about 1 km from the border).

After lunch and rest we will go rafting down the Kupa river.

The main part of rafting is categorized with 2 of 4 of difficulty and the previous experience in rafting is not necessary.

During the rafting ( which is leading by licensed guide) you will enjoy the beautiful view to the Kupa valley and we are sure that you will remember this experience whole your life.

In Brod na Kupi you can visit The Caste Frankopan. Today there is a museum of wood, hunt and fishing.

  • Duration: 30km, Elevation Gain: 450m
  • Highlights: The source of the Kupa river, Rafting

The forth day we'll take you to the highest inhebited village in Croatia.

It is on 1078 m above the sea level.

We will start in Delnice and after two km we are going to Begovo Razdolje through the deep forest.

The birds singing, peace and silence of the hundred years old wood will be our friends during this trip.

The outdoor lunch, the sights of the beautiful nature is something that you mustn't miss.

After lunch we are taking you to the family farm where you can see the way of making milky products.

After that we go descent in Mrkopalj.

The apshalt road to Mrkopalj is 5 km long.

From Mrkopalj we'll ride down the sheady asphalt road to Delnice.

  • Duration:40km, Elevation Gain: 600m
  • Highlights: Begovo Razdolje, Matić Poljana
  • Meals: breakfast, water, snack bar, fruit, lunch.

To Crikvenica by bike

To the sea by bike: from 720 m above the sea level to 0 meters? Sounds amazing, isn't it?

The highlights of this trip is that you will ( from the mountain heights) come to the sea cycling mainly descent with attractive view to Kvarner's bay.

The road that takes us descent is practically without traffic.

We'll visit the Tribalj lake, artificial lake in distance of 8 km to Crikvenica.

The Tribalj lake is made for the power plant Novi Vinodolski.

It is interesting that the water to that power plants also comes through the tubes under the ground from another two artificial lakes that are on about 700m above the sea level: The Lokve lake and Bajer lake in Fužine.

The deep of the Tribalj lake is 4 m and swimming is forbiden in it.

If you want, you can take a refreshment on one of the many beaches at Riviera of Crikvenica.

  • Duration: 45km, Elevation Gain: 250m
  • Highlights: swimming in The Adriatic Sea, view to the Kvarner bay
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, water, snack bar, fruit.

The last day we will finish with the trip to Štimčev vrh ( known under the name Petehovac) from where you will have a beautiful view to the town of Delnice and if you are lucky Slovenian Alps in the distance ( if the weather is clear you can see Slovenian Alps).

Near is Jagoda's cliff named after the young girl who jumped down because of the unhappy love.

Near is spring Jezerka that is 15 m deep.

After lunch on Petehovac, we will drive descent down the gravel road to Delnice where our adventure finish.

Our recommendation is that your holidays continue on Crikvenica Riviera or on the Island Krk that are on the distance of 45 minutes car driving.



  • Carefully designed trip for small groups
  • Accommodation in the apartments, pension or hotel
  • 6 overnights in the accommodation including your expectation and wish
  • 6 breakfast, 6 lunches
  • Daily refreshments, fruit, soft drinks and snacks
  • All entrance fees
  • Daily car support
  • Unique Croatian bike experience
  • Local and licensed cycling guide


  • Travel insurance
  • Bike, helmet
  • Mtb bike hire (70,00 euros)
  • E-bike bike hire ( 140,00 euros)

Due to your wishes and necessities we can organize accommodation in Hotel, apartment, resting house or mountain hut.

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