The Kamačnik Canyon

Kamačnik is an ideal destination for holiday activities during your holidays.

The Kamačnik Canyon is situated under the borders of town Vrbovsko.

A walking trail, wooden bridges and galleries were made in 1961. A famous Croatian mountaineer and writer Željko Poljak in his book "Croatian mountains" describes Kamačnik as a "gorge filled with wild romance".

The Kamačnik spring is of typical karst type - the water appears from the underground caves.

It is on altitude 400-600 m above the sea level.

In 2000 it was proclaimed protected landscape.

There are many wooden hanging bridges across the canyon.

They are ideal for walking for all nature lovers and all who want to escape from cities rush.

The Pan trail is recently open. It took the name after greek god Pan who was protector of woods.

On the road that leads from Kamačnik entrance to the spring is new "MUSIC ROAD" where you can see many instruments: gong, deer horn, bells and bear's marimba.

With the breathtaking scenery Kamačnik has been the focus of tourist attention for many years.

Tourist facility "Kamačnik" is situated at the mouth of the river, offering visitors a resting place and local dishes.