Lokve Lake


It is an artificial lake, built 1955.for the Novi vinodolski powerplant.

The lake damp valley with the village.

The lake was built by the 27 000 young people who were voluntary working on that great project.

In honor to them the lake is called "The Youth lake".

The lake ideally survive with the surrounding nature and deep fir trees and spruce. When the water is high it seems that hundred years old plants are growing from the lake's bottom.

In the background is the mountain Risnjak.

The lake is favorite destination because it gives possibility for walking, swimming and rowing.

It is also popular among fishermen. The biggest brook trout was caught in it 1968, weight 24,5 kg and long 124 cm.

In August the traditional meeting a mountain climbers and cyclists are held. The road around the lake is about 17 km long.


The Lokve cave


The cave was found out 1911 occasionally by Josip Bolf who needed stones for building his house and digged in the cave area.

The cave has 6 levels and is about 275 m long and 75 m deep.

The temperature is between 7 and 9 °C whole year.

It was 1961 announcet monument of nature because of its geomorphological values.

It is known as home of bats, too.

Due to the altitude of stalagmites and stalactites it is estimate that the cave is about 20 000 years old.

In September " The Night of Cave" is held. Visitors entering with torches may have a romantic experience of the cave.