Begovo Razdolje

The highest inhabitated place in Croatia on altitude of 1078 m above the sea level.

During the summer, gorgeous landscapes gives numerous opportunities for road and mountain bikers, climbers and alpinists. In the winter mountains are covered with snow so are good for skiing and sledging.

From Begovo Razdolje a gravel road takes you to the bottom of Bjelolasica mountain, the highest mountain of Gorski kotar.

The highest peak of Bjelolasica is on the 1534 m above the sea level. Bjelolasica is also called the Roof of Gorski kotar.

Through the beech wood the road is taken climbers to Jakov Mihelčićˈs Hut which is on the bottom of Bjelolasica.

The hut is named after forester Jakov Mihelčić who show ( at the end of nineteenth century) climbers the way to the top of the mountain.