• Can I have my bike in the tours?
    Of course you can!
  • What if I don't have my own bike?
    No problem. We can offer you MTB and electro bike that we can hire you.
  • Can we change the itinerary?
    Yes, every trip we can create as you wish. For more information, send us inquiry.
  • We heard that Gorski kotar is mountains spot so we want to know whether routs are difficult?
    Gorski kotar is mountainous, but we are taking you to places where you can ride ascent descent or straight.
  • To whom are the trips convinient?
    To the children of 12 ( accompanied by their parents) but also to the eldest. Living age doesn't matter.
  • Can children of 14 participate on these trips alone?
    Yes, but the teenagers until 18 need to have written permission of their parents.
  • Must I have helmet?
    In Republic of Croatia (due to the Law of Road Traffic) during the road trips all participants under 16 MUST have helmet. It is also recommended to adults.
  • Where can we have accommodation in Gorski kotar?
    You can take it in hotels, apartments, the houses for resting. We'll find what for you exactly what you need.
  • I would like to go to this trip, bit I'm not sure am I in a good shape
    Due to the condition in a group, car or van joins us during the trip. Never mind, we won't leave you alone on the road!
  • It is written that trip lasts 6-7 hours. How long do we ride the bike?
    Depending of route it is above 3-3,5 hours on bike.