We are a small team of travelers on two wheels but we are also in love in other sports as mountain climbing, skiing, rafting and ice skating.

The word Odyssey means adventure and we offer you adventurous travelling that you can try with our team on mountain bikes or electrical bikes on guided bike tours.

We can also take you to rafting, paintball or adrenalin park. If you wish it, of course!

The idea of Odyssey has been growing for many years mostly during our long cycling tours.





By our pet on two wheels we passed different parts of Croatia from Vukovar to Dubrovnik.

Our wish is that part of Croatia, its green heart, make closer to all who want to see it.

We will organize our trips on a new way full of adrenalin, local gastronomic tastes, natural beauties and a lot of fun.

We can also organize a transfer from Ljubljana, Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula airport as well.



We are situated in Delnice, a small town which has been administrative centre of the county of Gorski kotar for more than 200 years.

Iti s also the highest town in Croatia on highest of 730 m above the sea level.

Delnice is the central and largest place in Gorski kotar. Although it has less than 5,000 inhabitants, you can find everything you need close at hand. At the same time, you are sourrounded with the uniquely beautiful nature, far from the flurry of the city, slightly dizzied by aromatic scents of the surrounding coniferous forests.

Delnice is an excellent starting point for hiking and cycling tours, or short trips by car, bus, or train. Those wishing a change can drive to the seaside in less than an hour.

For over a century, Delnice has been known as a health resort because it offers ideal opportunities for active holidays and outdoor activities at an altitude of 730 metres which is proven to be very stimulating and healthy.



That is why Delnice is often chosen for high-altitude athletic training, outdoor recreation, or convalescence.It is popular among people of all ages who wish a relaxing yet active holiday in the fresh air.

If you are a driver, the distance from Rijeka is 30 minutes, from Zagreb 1 hours, from Split and Osijek 4 hours, from Ljubljana 1.5 hours.

In Delnice is 20 m long swimming pool, bowling alley and ice skating rink.

On 12 km from Delnice is entrance in National Park Risnjak.

In spring and summer but also in early autumn you can have real adventure on macadam lokal roads but on mountain roads too, without noise and traffic.

You can „hear“ the nature, birds singing, but also meet deer and their families.

They will run away before you can snap the photo on your phone.

During the summer clima is pleasant and proper for cycling, mountain climbing,walking.

Nights are little bit fresh so you need a blanket while sleeping.

Winters are heavy of snow.

Last year a record of 184 cm is measured.

You can visit pittoresque little towns as Vrbovsko, Skrad, Brod na Kupi, Lokve, Fužine, Crni lug, Gerovo Čabar, Prezid and other places.

About them you can read on our website.

Together with our licensed bike guides you can visit them on your two - wheels pet.



 Welcome, dear guests to the green heart of Gorski kotar!